What is the price?

  • We charge a flat $100 rental fee + the cost of donuts. You will need at least 4 dozen donuts to have one donut/peg. Delivery is an additional fee depending on location.

How many donuts can the wall hold?

  • There are 42 pegs and each peg can hold a maximum of 3 donuts each, meaning 126 donuts plus heaps more on the two shelves below.

Do you set up the donuts on the wall?

  • No, the client is responsible for placing donuts on the wall.

Where is a good place for the Donut Wall? Does it come with a stand?

  • The donut wall does not come with a stand so it will need to be placed against a wall or another tall sturdy object.

Do I have to clean the wall before I return it?

  • Yes. But no worries it’s easy. Simply use soap and water to scrub off any frosting, donut bits, or saliva from that one friend who couldn’t control himself; and wipe dry with a paper towel or clean cloth.

What kind of salutations are available for the signage?

  • We offer several generic salutations in cursive font. Which are included in the rental price. (Primo’s Donuts, Donuts, Celebrate)

What about custom signage?

  • If you are interested in custom signage our team can help you develop that at an additional cost. Please inquire for more detail. Wooden lettering ranges $50-$100.

  • There is also an opportunity for the DIYers to personally customize the wall themselves. Thanks to the embedded metalwork, by simply attaching self-adhesive neodymium magnets to your favorite festive signs and decorations you can create a unique Donut Wall all your own. Also consider using refrigerator magnet clips to easily clip posters, family pictures, etc. onto the board.

If a peg breaks, what do I do?

  • No worries, if a peg breaks we won’t call the police (but they might show up at your party to confiscate some donuts on their own). Be honest and we will charge a $25 fee for any broken pegs. More significant damage will result in charges to the renter on a case by case basis.

How do I get the Donut Wall to my event?

  • Getting the Donut Wall to and from your event is the responsibility of the renter or else Primo’s can arrange delivery and pickup for an additional fee in Los Angeles area. Setup of donuts on wall is the responsibility of client.

What kind of vehicle do I need to haul the Donut Wall?

  • We recommend at very least a cross-over type vehicle with seats that hold down. Ideally a pick-up truck with a full size bed. If you are unsure if the Donut Wall will fit in your vehicle, simply take a measurement of the space in the back of your car. The Donut wall is 6’ by 4’, meaning a clear space of 6’2” by 4’2” is ideal.

18.10.4_Donut Wall-13.jpg